I primarily work in collage; sound, visual, analogue and digital. Information flow and reappropriation have complex underlying intersectional power-dynamics. I conceive the doubt and dominion of neoclassicist newsporn overwhelm with ancient heathenry and phosphenes, to unearth codified information about the human body in the world, musing on new technological archetypes.

This is the Sogndal coat-of-arms.

I like it's fractal, earlike design, which invokes listening and song and the heroic journey to capture a deep sea monster into my boat, take it back to shore to prepare for you. A Selfhood beyond the regurgitation upon the fractured identity reductionism of website-specific slab scenes.

Yet, devoid of carbon-dating, the palimpsest turns to desert. Psoriatic as a Venetian backstreet behind the ears, I'm on an archaelogical dig, trying to find the datum point of myself. The datum point is arbitrary as a genuine historicity. But everything in this multi-interfacing pool must be linked up to it before birthing a physical art key to the labyrinth. Deconfining the fruitful apprehension of the complicity of empirical Self.

A self-summary is like a vampire trying to photograph itself in a heroic neoliberal mirror. The optimisticly
defined epoch of 'late capitalism' is virtually dismembered if it presents itself as a temporal artefact, especially in terms of the pace and linearity of an antecedent, post-social media arts practice, which is a promotional modification of melancholic bureaucracy.