This is a new mix I did as part of a mixcloud sound posse project called melting pot, where everyone choose about seven songs to contribute to a melting pot of 43 songs that would go well together, and everyone can make their own mix however they likefrom the melting pot, but only using those tracks. For mine, I was using beat-matching nearly for the first time, so I wanted to include a full spectrum of mash up, glitched, slightly altered, and dense looping elements, inspired by the aesthetic I experienced in making the tape collage, which is also on my mixcloud just below this one.
This one ranked 20th on the mash up charts

My favourite kind of dream is ones about artworks I'm making. I had a dream that I was making a series of works, mainly sound, called 'Fix the Algorithm', and it was also something of a life mission. So I'm going to start circumnavigating a stream of sound pieces that deal with this theme. This is an edit of a jam I had with Jurassic Dark It was the second time I had used Ableton Live, for looping, so I was pretty enamoured still with the simplicity of that. It's rough and I like it that way. I was doing looped samples and guitar, and Jurassic Dark was doing vocals, percussion, melody, and binaural recording. It also came into being around a #conspiracyaesthetic zine Jurassic Dark was making, that I contributed some drawings to, which will hopefully see the light of day. If you are into true crime, conspiracy theory, propaganda psychology, dirgy jamz, this is for you!


  • Credits
    Album design Emma Songdahl// Mastered By Popolice// Organised by Emma Songdahl// Original concept Simon James-Hanselmann// Producer Karl Von Bamberger, Simon James-Hanselmann, Emma Songdahl// Recorded By Emma Songdahl, Karl Von Bamberger