2018- MC for Suicidal Rap Orgy
2018- Tarocci deck
2017- Wyrd Thing recovery journal, featuring tales of ptsd, mosquito encephalitis, mescaline and sorcery.
2015- Collaborative AV work with Colin Perry of Jurassic Dark
2014- Filming and editing White Crow female noise artist documentary

Dec 2017: participant + sound recording and transcription for Nancy Mauro-Flude's 'Feminist principles of the Internet' salon discussion at Favour Economy

2017: Blue Tomorrowz solo radio show on 3CR, featuring interviews with Katharine Neil who made Escape From Woomera, and Nicole Stark, who made Ninja Pizza Girl.

2017: Cities and Memory sonic photography

2017: Alien Tongue on Rhinoceritis: Voices in Dissent sound art compilation from corpus callosum distro.

2016: Alien Tongue on Dogzzz from Dogpark Records by Furchick.

2014 - 2016: Organising and exhibiting with Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers (MAFA).

2015: PA to Danielle Freakley for the planning of Imaginary Friend project before it metamorphed into her current work.

2014: White Cave gallery domestic eviction art events.

2013: Co-organiser and curator of Sci-fi Silos Melbourne launch gig and exhibition.

2013: Comic published in Victoria Drug Scene, edited by Simon Hanselmann of Fantagraphics.

2012: Old fellows group exhibition at Hobart College, curated by Wayne Brookes.

2012: Work published in Living Suitcase zine, edited by Maus Dmus and David Schwartz.

2012: Comics published in Dailes Anthology from Silent Army.

2011: 'Detournement' exhibition at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, curated by Andrew Harper.

Summer 2011: Co-curator of Eyrie Gallery, Geeveston.

Winter 2011: Elephant Corpse performance at Entrepot Gallery, Hunter Street Centre for the Arts, Hobart.

2009: Peer-reviewed collaborative exhibition with Nicola Smith, oil and acrylic painting installation, 6a Gallery, Hobart. Run by Mish Meijers and Tricky Walsh.

2007 - 2012: Silverfish Zine Library librarian.

2006 - 2012: Solo arch-editor of Womans Monthly group zine. 11 issues.

2006 - 2010: Hobart Zombie March initiator and head organiser.

2006: HOBART VOLTRON chaos music jam event and recording with Simon James Hanselmann and Karl Von Bamberger.

2006: MC on Wank of Death, by Butcher's Harem (exSRO) Shitwank Records.

2003: Head curator and participant of 'Valhalla' group exhibition with Raphael Cilento and Michael Smith, at Red Wall Gallery, North Hobart.

2002: Collaborative sound art sculpture installation 'A Piece of Piss' with Matt Niedra in 'A Piece of Peace', a Wilderness Society group exhibition at a pop up gallery on Collins Street.

2001: Head curator and participant of 'Homophobart' exhibition with Matt Niedra and Alison Main at Red Wall Gallery, North Hobart.

2001: Lymphoma group exhibition zine launch, curated by Michael Hawkins and Patrick Cross, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.

2000 - 2002: Actor in Ben Crothers' super8 films, including 'Career Opportunities'.

1999: Actor in Alex Machin's films, including 'The Timmy Waterpants Story'.

Education Background:

2019- Dedicant druidry course with Ár nDraíocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF)
2019- Nature Stewards naturalist course
2019- Nightlight Astrology 'Ancient Astrology For the Modern Mystic'

2009-2011: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Tasmania, sculpture and printmaking double major. Incomplete.
2006-2008: Bachelor of Arts, University of Tasmania, philosophy and gender studies major. Incomplete.
2003-2006: Bachelor of Arts, Latrobe University, gender studies and anthropology double major. Incomplete.