T h e   d e c k s   I   c u r r e n t l y   w o r k   w i t h   f o r   c l i e n t s   a r e : 

Tabula Mundi by M.M.Meleen is a more feminist Thelemic deck exploring astrological and
Qabalistic symbolism. Clear, sophisticated and easy to use, it is great for practical problem-solving,
aswell as pretty much everything else.

Mary-El Tarot: Landscapes of the Abyss by Mary White merges the Marseille, Rider Waite and Thoth
decks on a more intuitive level. Designed for spiritual development beyond the manifestation
of worldly desires, it is a physical experience across any distance, at times transcending words.

The Giants' Tarot
by Raven Kaldera uncovers the mysterious and lesser-travelled paths of the Norse
Jotun Gods. Based on Rider-Waite, The Giants Tarot gives us stories to reflect on over the long-term.