One of my favourite thinkers at the moment, Carol Sanford.
I've been trying conscientiously to apply her science of thinking to my own personal development and creative projects. I feel like my life and work has changed radically in only a few weeks of doing it, but it requires discipline to undo previously taught ways of thinking. She has a way of disrupting the interviewer's ways of thinking in process of discussion. But she also opens up about her own upbringing on Rune Soup, which is amazing. Gordon White also includes some of the best links to her stuff, so I recommend checking out those first if you don't know who she is. If you do know who she is, she's going deeper than usual here.

Indigenous science and economics, Pythagorean numerological design, whole system and nested wholes paradigm, the true meaning of adding value, being development, studying under Joseph Campbell, regenerative education, coming from a rough background, frameworks for understanding the source of tools, sensemaking lifeshed lenses, colonisation and deciding what's good.