In a discussion about the astrology of 2020 (49:00), Gordon White of Rune Soup brought up the relevancy of the comic The Invisibles. I had been meaning to read The Invisibles for a few months, after being recommended it in my very first meeting with The Druids. The stand out scenes for me at least in The Invisibles recount various tales of the shamanic initiation of children and teens. Oftentimes through experiences that in mundane context would be thought of as torture.

The main character is kidnapped as a child and taken to a laboratory where they capture the children's souls. He is rescued by one of The Invisibles, whom he is destined to join. But is promptly abandoned straight afterwards, and left to live on the streets. Over long periods of time, other members of The Invisibles interact anonymously with him. He gradually befriends a mad, homeless old man, who initiates him as a student. He replaces his eyes with a pigeons at one bloody point. He ends his life by making them both jump off a building, and only the boy survives. Throughout the story, the boy is bewildered and constantly doubting the validity of his experience, and the purpose and role of everyone.

Another character, a transfemale named Fanny, is initiated into sorcery by her mother and grandmother as a child in Brazil. She is raised female to continue the matrilineal tradition. Whilst her initiation is as dark and sordid as it gets in some sense, she becomes a fully integrated, strong and loyal member of The Invisibles. Most likely because of how conscientiously the ritual was performed. Where as the boy has a tendency to run away and get into danger, and would cross sides, excepting for his strong rebellious, independence streak.

Innocence, just like anger, and sexuality, is a power. And innocence can be robbed from someone. Belief is prana. If a child doesn't realise they're going through an initiation, they would need to reinforce the purity of their boundaries and sovereign selfhood, since its clear that no one around them has anything like their best interests at heart, possibly even at soul level. Belief is prana.

When I was a child, I was abducted by my mother and grandmother for a bit less than a year. I write about this topic in more detail in my previous writing. I grew up with my father blaming my grandmother for the whole thing, and it was only recently, witnessing the behaviour around my grandmother on her deathbed, that I started to question this narrative, and all primary narratives. My mother did seem to be actively and successfully manipulating everyone in the situation. So I began to think that it was actually my mother who had successfuly manipulated everyone in the situation on either side, and had totally gotten away with it for decades. As I wrote this piece, I began to understand many things anew, and I know see how even this could be too harsh a statement, as the urge for the Jehovah's Witness' to evangelise is strong.

In this piece of text, not only will I tell you why I think this, and also explore the experiences that underly this need to get everyone on the same religious page. But I will also offer up an alternative viewpoint of the act of abduction as a dark, messy shamanic initation. That's the only compassionate, creative and redemptive way I have found to view it. This juncture is about as condemning and rough as it will ever get, and I certainly hadn't healed when I approached this introduction before I had embarked on any chapters.

As I take a more heart-focussed meditation, I realise that past mistakes are not things to erase, but things to unfold and find the true direction in. Every actor upon my life as a child acted from a consciousness of being larger than life, and manifested their own stories within my life as a reality however fantastical and horrible, it was all sincere. So if you keep reading, I promise the sun might actually rise on this for the first time ever, revealing this beautiful, screaming world in all its glory.

But first, in the twilight, lets foreshadow that tale with the one I was brought up believing, and which mediated my direct experience, in much the same way that we all so often allow overarching belief systems to gatekeep our experience of what we aren't prepared for. But I'll warn you, even this unreal rivulet is a rough ride.