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My art, at face value, is collage made from reappropriated digital components. I like to juxtapose internet culture with intimate documentation. Yet, there is an ambivalent relationship with the medium as message. These effluences of visuality are also initiatory internet platform nodes. I engage with a spectrum of internet platforms because relationship quality is central to my work.






My online history is an insulated palimpsest of bullshit covered over with more bullshit. Now I've been self-editing, in a janky dance between condemnation and sanctification. A process I don't consider ethical enough to ever be called 'journalism'. Anyway, Alain de botton says that the news falsely reports all incidents as novel, and we should move back to allegorical stories, and leave the novel to artists. I consider my collage artefacts alone to be marginalia. Technologically graspable moments of resolutions in reflections of reflection, in the Heideggerean sense of technology as shaping our needs. As humans, we are Earth and Sky, and everything created reflects our existence, whilst respecting individual soul essence. We are finite, and so is our suffering, and so we also must operate through relationships and healthy boundaries to know anything real. But our hearts are the vortices of creation, just like the Earth, the quantum cocreation. It is grief that we hold in the lungs which prevents us from accessing this, and so we stay too much in the rational mind, which thinks it can know unilaterally.

John Vervaeke in his lectures on 'Awakening From the Meaning Crisis' says that lostness and mapping have always been the way that humans, and possibly all creatures evolve psychological technology. The enculturation is the initiatory lostness, the deliberate breaking down. The circular and the projective is contained in the eye of authority. Homo 'Kubernesis'; the etymology of cyborg, to mean pilot, steersman, gift of governance. But what kind of governance, after half a century of post-military psychological fragmentation technology, a decade after The Chinese Communist Party released their essay 'Unrestricted Warfare', now quantum consciousness on Tik Tok in the form of the technologically successful popular mobile app Randonautica that, like the I Ching, creates tiny moments of quantum computing within noise, to deliver map coordinates to an intentional seeker. What we can imagine has always shaped what we can see. It's hardly a time to lose ourselves in the bullshit of having no concern for truth.