A few years ago, I embarked on a film project. It was originally intended to be approached as an artwork, but morphed into something more in the style of a documentary. Having now familiarised myself with all the footage, I'm more inspired by the surrealist immersive artistic material. The term 'documentary' has contantly been conflated with 'investigative journalism' and 'reality tv', and I'm just not interested in those things.

I recorded a lot of gigs and things aswell, which I am now releasing separately. Click the link to follow my Youtube channel. There'll be some sections of the film uploaded at various points also.


Elephant Corpse A performance art piece I did at Entrepot Gallery during the coldest week in winter, whilst at art school in Hobart, though not as part of my course. Entrepot is built upon a concrete pier which extends over the deepest bay in the Southern Hemisphere. The performance lasted for 1 hour and 15 minutes WATCH HERE.

View the full album here.

Videographer on (no)signal :: sound/bite 0.1 Ari Sharp. Macbook demolition

(no)signal :: sound/bite 0.1 from Ari Sharp on Vimeo.