We are being baptised in a wash of data flow economics. In 'On Bullshit', Harry G. Frankfurt differentiates between 'lies' and 'bullshit', in that lying requires a concern for the truth, whereas bullshit indicates a lack of concern for any graspable accuracy.
Pattern is essence. Causal and correlational patterns are cyphered by human and AI alike, in their own process. Yet, second-order thinking also increases the ability for self-deception. The god who moves through time to the promised land. In the reverse psychology of de-education, the Hanged Man and the Hermit meet in the High Priestess, Hecate, so this is the archetype I am currently self-editing a collection of.
The societal panopticon narrates the process of internalisation of the external. This process itself has been microcosmically installed by the extension of nature we call ourselves. In Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the sovereign Self is stunted as a child, and over-protected by a tyrannical watcher. In ancient times of our history, demons were perceived to exist outside, now they are perceived to exist inside. This comes at a time when the distinction between inside and outside is breaking down to a speculative singularity. For example, Microsoft recently patented a 'cryptocurrency system using body activity data'. The instant freedom we desired from our lonely circumstances became a desire for an instant freedom from the panopticon of reward. The male gaze was cis-sidelined to apprehend the Other's desire. We installed socially connective apps that promised they were made to be deleted. Yet we lacked the internal infrastructure necessary to breathe into the unknown and into a postcovid offline, remember? We created a choiceless nihilistic circularity of instant freedom which never arrived. We have become human lemonade stands competing with AIs for our own and Other's attention. And like shopping bags we throw in a corner, ideas are seen as objects which transcendentally transform those who consume them. The performance of an experience is more immediately rewarded than the process of an experience. Endless reflection, undone by laxity, amnesia.
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