I recently heard on a plus episode of Mysterious Universe podcast, about the Randonautica app
Randonautica is powered by a quantum random number computer.
The user holds a mental intention while they generate a random nearby geolocation.
It is magic and it is dangerous.

I've recently gotten back into making video, and have started a TV show on my Youtube channel called SeeSeeTeeVee.
I am on the cusp of uploading the first episode, and already find it too introspective.
Randonautica reminds me of my past interest in psychogeography.
I wont post any of my past psychogeographic works here, as I am unsure of them.
But this is the title page for what will become a multimedia/av psychogeographic blog.

My first journey 31.08.2020

Intention: 'What is humanity's best response to Covid19?'
I am unsure whether this is a positive message that means that prayer is powerful. Or if it indicates the end of the world. Will frame my next intention around discovering this. I did not visit the geolocation, because I accidentally closed the app