However, reputedly pro-suicide, hypnotic f**kable antivaxxer witch and successful lifecoach Teal Swan argues that depression is a resistance of futility. Futility needs to be embraced, to show us our true desires and prompt us to meet them somewhere more realistic. This world does not require escape from. But what does this action require in us? There is so much Intel and so many popular psychology articles about how to install a panopticon, yet nothing explicit on how to heal once it is internalised. Teal Swan uses the allegory of Kafka's 'The Trial'. Many see Kafka's writing as horribly futile. He called his books obscenities and ordered them all burnt on his deathbed. People thought he was mad. But Jason Reza Jorjani describes esoteric references in his writing, just like HP Lovecraft's. The three women represent Hecate, and always were pointing to a potential pathway through. For me, Hecate as the High Priestess is a form of dissolution into that which is not explicitly obvious, and an initiatory death of visibility. Art made to be deleted. Making an empty container to connect with something deeper than a flowing reflection. A container to hold onto your perls, rather than just being the sand in someone else's crack. I am also on the autism spectrum. I experience autism anxiety as induced by interruption of my OWN flow state. Like a mountain climber being forced to look down. I feel the intense horror and vertigo right now, communicating this. An interesting and successful mainstreaming of behaviour for nonverbal autism is to join the individual in their stimming activity. .. Embracing emergency